Board Members

The Isle of Axholme and North Nottinghamshire Water Level Management Board is made up of 25 members; 13 nominated by the local charging authorities and 12 elected by the drainage ratepayers for which elections are held every three years. Should you wish to become a Board member and meet the criteria, the next election will be held in 2024.

Electoral District
Members Elected
Adlingfleet and Whitgift
Mr J.P. Bramhill
Mr M. T. Smith
Mr R.C. Mason

Mr P.A.M. Cornish (Vice Chairman)

Mr H. Barton

Rivers Idle and Ryton

Mr R.J. Adam

Mr M. Wagstaff

Mr T. Dickinson

South Axholme
Mr M.A. Harris
West Butterwick
Mr J. Coggon (Chairman)
West Axholme
Mr J.W. Fretwell
Local Authority
Members Appointed
Bassetlaw District Council

Cllr Mrs H. Brand

Cllr Mrs J. Sanger

North Lincolnshire Council

Cllr R. Allcock

Mr A. Catherall

Cllr J. Briggs

Cllr Mrs J. Reed

Cllr D. Robinson

Cllr J. Rose

Mr I. Bint

Mr M. Pilkington

Cllr T. Mitchell

Two vacancies