Asset Renewals and Refurbishment

A provision of approximately £884,231 for asset renewal and refurbishment works this year. Major schemes include:



Telemetry is being installed in the Board’s 18 remote, unmanned, automatic pumping stations. The new telemetry system allows remote monitoring of all pumping stations with various alarm functions reporting 24/7 to the duty officer. This allows any problems or breakdowns to be responded to efficiently before water levels rise to dangerous levels.

The system also allows for the automatic start and stop levels of pumps to be altered via remote telecommunication and computing links. This facilitates better water level management during times of drought or heavy rainfall. The scheme is due to deliver all 18 stations in the first quarter of 2015.



Crowle Pumped Area

Major upgrade works will be carried out at Bewcarrs Pumping Station which will involve the installation of fully automatic sustainable pumping arrangements during the year together with channel improvements on Pauper’s Drain at Amcotts which serves Crowle and on Keadby Warplands Drain.